Income tax calculator – How to calculate domestic income tax using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel can be used to calculate income tax according to the income tax rates for your respective country. Figure 1 shows the most recent tax rates (2009) as issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) domestic tax department.

Figure 1 : Income tax rates – KRA (2009)

KRA tax ratesSource: KRA website

For the purposes of income tax calculations using Microsoft Excel, the information provided in table 1 can be re-framed as follows:

Table 1 : Income tax rates_KRA 2009Income tax table

There are many variations of the formula that can be used to calculate income tax. In order to learn how to calculate income tax using Microsoft Excel, I have prepared a simple formula that can compute tax rates for any amount according to the above given tax rates. From here, kindly click on the link below in order to access the Excel worksheet which I have used to calculate income tax according to the KRA guidelines Income Tax Calculator

I have made additional comments within the worksheet where necessary.

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